It all Started with a curry!

Dad loved his food, and everyone who knows me will tell you that I do too, so India for my father and later myself was a revelation.

And then of course comes the products. The vibrancy of all the colours, the craftmanship in the intricate carvings, the history and meaning that come with many of the products, its hard to not be amazed.

Before India, dad had visited many countries and imported from allover, 

but after India everything was different.

The Idea was simple, we travel the world with India as our base and share with you all the treasures we find along the way. Of course it is never that simple and still today we are yet to open a container without “surprises”. Many countries later and lots of lessons learned The Curious Collector was born. 

The Curious Collector aims to bring you furniture, tribal and decorative pieces from around the globe that are getting harder and harder to find. Many of the items we stock are in very limited numbers and quite often will never get again. 

Our carefully curated range will continually grow and change, so whether you are after a gift for a special someone or that centre piece for your home, there will be something you will fall in love with. From garden to architectural pieces, small and large decorative items and carefully selected pieces of furniture, The Curious Collector will have that special piece for everyone. 

When buying vintage, you're buying a piece of history full of character, stories and at the same time repurposing an ill loved item and helping the planet.

Remember. Once its gone, its gone. One of a kind pieces are exactly that, limited and unique.